February 23, 2013:

Adventures at the DMV

I had a great and interesting day today.  Today I decided to finally get a photo ID with a picture of
me as Madeline.  So after I prettied myself up, it was off to the DMV I went.

After about an hour wait, it was finally my turn to talk with the DMV clerk.  I explained the whole
situation of being transgendered and wanting a photo ID with a pic of me as a girl.  He was really
nice and said it would be no problem to take a picture and get a photo ID that day.  He even printed
out forms and  instructions for changing the gender on my license in case I needed it in the future.  
As he looked over my forms, he asked if I wanted to fill in a phone number, which I politely declined
(I don't like giving out my number unless I absolutely have to).  Then, as he was entering my info
into the computer, the follow conversation occurred:

DMV:  So where do you work?
Me:  Oh, around the Audubon area.
DMV:  Is that far for you?
Me:  About half an hour, not too bad.
Me:  So are you guys always this busy?
DMV:  Yeah, especially on the weekends.
DMV:  Do you go out a lot?
Me:  Yeah, sometimes.  I'm waiting for the weather to get warmer though.
DMV:  We gotta get you out more often.

I smiled.  At this point I thought maybe he was hitting on me, but then I quickly dispelled that notion.
 After all, I just told him I was transgendered and I'm sure he was 100% straight.  So there was no
chance that what I thought was going on was actually going on.

(after handing me back my forms)
DMV:  So do you think I could get your number?

At this point, I was stunned.  I couldn't believe my instincts were right and that this was really
happening.  I was really glad I hadn't put my phone number on the form.  On a side note, if any girls
are reading this, is this a normal occurrence, having complete strangers ask for your number?  
Anyway, my response to the DMV guy was this:

(me pointing at my ring finger)
Me:  What's this?  Are you married?
(DMV guy sheepishly nodded and said "yeah".)
Me:  I don't think that would be a good idea.

He then smiled and accepted my gentle rejection.  I thanked him for being so helpful then went to
wait for my turn to get my photo taken.

So back I went to wait (for another hour).  Among the people waiting were a couple of kids probably
somewhere between the ages of 18 to 22.  They were the typical white bad boy kids with low hanging
baggy jeans and backwards caps.  It's amazing how different things are when you are a girl versus
being a boy.  For example, as a girl, you constantly have to be on your guard, keeping an eye on
your surroundings and knowing who's around you at all times.  Although I never made direct eye
contact with one of the aforementioned kids, I could feel that he had on several occasions stolen
glances at me.  He walked by me several times and checked me out while I was sitting waiting.  
Then he sat in the row behind me and to my left.  He was cracking jokes the whole time about the
long wait time and how slow the DMV employees were working.  I wasn't sure if this was all for my
benefit but I felt like it was.  Now I was really starting to get scared, not nervous but scared.  What
if he had read me and was about to mess with me?  What if he wanted to hurt me?  I tried my best to
focus my attention straight ahead, not giving any indication of a response to him.  He then leaned
forward and rested his head and arms on the back of the empty chair next to me and continued
cracking jokes.  I guess he was there to accompany his friend who was at the DMV for something
because when his friend got up and walked away, he stayed sitting just behind and to the left of me.  
Next, he became emboldened and actually sat next to me.  I looked straight and slightly away from
him, trying my hardest to remain calm.  At this point, I seriously felt like a gazelle being hunted by a
lion because I could feel that he was looking directly at me even though I was still averting my gaze,
trying to keep him from seeing my face directly.  I still wasn't sure if this kid knew the truth about
me.  Finally, he decided to talk to me.

Kid:  You been waiting here long?
(I looked at him and nodded)
Me:  Mm-hmm.  (I was afraid to speak in case my voice wasn't fem enough)
Kid:  What's your name?
Me:  Madeline. (speaking as fem as possible)
Kid:  Marilyn?
Me:  Mm-hmm.  (close enough, I figured)
Kid:  It's nice to meet you, Marilyn.  You're really pretty.
(I just smiled at him, then looked away.)
Kid:  So can I ask, are you single?

My mind was blown for the second time today.  I was so relieved that he hadn't read me, even after
hearing my voice.

Me:  No.
Kid:  No, you're not single?
Me:  No, I'm not.
Kid:  Well, I had to ask.
(I smiled at him)
Kid:  Well, do you want to take my number just in case?
Me:  Um, that's really sweet but no thanks.  I'm very flattered, though.

A couple minutes later, it was finally my turn to get my picture taken.  Whew, saved by the bell.

So that was my adventure at the DMV.  I did get my photo ID (see below) and got to use it right
away at the mall where I bought a bunch of stuff (some of which was unexpectedly on sale.  
SCORE!!).  I usually dread using my credit card and having the clerk ask to see some photo ID.  
But now I was hoping for it, just so I could show off my new ID.
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So that was my adventure at the DMV.  One other interesting thing happened today.  After the mall, I
went to eat at Arby's.  While I was eating, there was a couple in their 50s or 60s in the booth behind
me.  They started arguing loudly.  Unfortunately, they were the only patrons there aside from myself.  
I didn't get everything they said because I was listening to my iPod and trying my darnedest to tune
them out.  I couldn't hear the guy at all since he was facing away from me, but things I heard the
woman say included "why do you treat me so awfully", "I don't deserve this", "you're so
belligerent", "you're a chauvinist", "when I was younger I could have been with a lot of people, I was
blond with blue eyes, 115 pounds", etc..  So this went on for a bit and I'm surprised the employees
didn't step in and try to calm them down because they were seriously loud.  Then at one point, the
woman said, "We should ask that girl and see if she thinks it's right how you're talking to me," which
I assumed could only be referring to me.  I was praying that they would just keep me out of it, but it
did feel really good to know they totally didn't read me (I had had a short conversation with the woman
earlier on).  I quickly finished up my food and exited post haste.

And that was my day.  I not only presented as a girl the whole day, but was completely taken as one
by everyone too.  And not just any girl, but apparently a pretty hot one that gets hit on by strangers.  
Plus, I got my awesome photo ID.  So, great day.  Definitely journal-worthy.