April 9, 2005:

I went to the first ever TG@L2 party tonight.  Hopefully the first of many.  
I had such a great time.  This party had it all:  Rocking music, comfortable
ambiance, and fantastic people.  I met many new friends and reconnected
with some older ones.  It was pretty close to a perfect evening.  The night
did end more abruptly than I originally planned.  I have to apologize for that
but once again my nerves got in the way of what could have been
something special.  Without getting less cryptic, I just want to end by
telling everyone to try make it to one of these monthly parties.  You
definitely won't regret it.

P.S.  I absolutely adore this blue dress so I took a plethora of pics in it.  
Look for thiem in them in the pictures section.
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