June 30, 2001:

This day would turn out to be so incredible I don't even know where to begin.  After talking with
Kei Azure online and over the phone for quite some time, we finally set a day to meet for the first
time.  I wanted to surprise her by picking her up completely en femme.  I wore a red silk shirt,
tight black skirt, stockings, black heels, and of course full makeup.  I gathered up all my courage,
then proceeded to go out in public as Madeline for only the second time in my life.  I drove around
relatively unnoticed and when I arrived I saw Kei for the first time in person.  I recognized her right
away even though she had not transformed herself yet.  I think she was pleasantly surprised to see
me as Madeline as I pulled up.  I was pretty nervous for a while but we started talking and soon I
felt very comfortable with Kei.

We arrived at my apartment and I breathed a sigh of relief.  Kei first wanted to freshen up.  When
she came out, she gave me a little surprise of her own  (loved those panties, girl).  She looked
through my closet and found this little black dress.  She was also kind enough to let me try on her
red wig and, needless to say, I fell in love with it.  I ended up wearing it the whole evening.  We
were finally ready to take some photos of each other.  I never imagined how much easier taking
pictures was with another person as opposed to by yourself.  I didn't have to worry about holding a
pose for the timer or constantly checking back and forth with the mirror.

After taking a couple snapshots we decided to go out shopping.  First Kei decided to change out of
the dress and back into her normal clothes.  Then we painted our nails pink.  I guess it was the
thrill of the whole day or maybe admiring myself in Kei's wig, but I decided to go shopping dressed
as Madeline.  Kei and I drove down to a mall in the city and parked at this outdoor lot.  I needed Kei
to do most of the talking during our trip since I was still working on my female voice.  Then we
walked about a block to the mall but believe me, it felt more like a mile.  I didn't have much
experience walking in heels to begin with but Philadelphia streets and sidewalks are not a girl's best
friend.  Every little crack or hole in the street that I would normally not even notice suddenly
became a giant obstacle.  I now have a newfound respect for all the women who must go through
this on a regular basis.  I had to hold Kei's hand nearly the entire time for support.  Also, I thought
it would be less conspicuous if I was walking with a man.  Both of us were extemely nervous the
whole time and avoided eye contact with anyone.  I'm sure we drew more than a few glances from
people on the street but I'd like to think that was due to me dressing overy-provocatively in 100
degree weather rather than people realizing they werre seeing a boy in a dress.  Unfortunately when
we finally reached the mall, it was already closed and it was only 8 pm.  (Damn that city curfew!)  
In retrospect, it probably turned out for the better because there would have been a lot more people
in the mall than out on the street.  Besides, I still need a few milestones to conquer in the future.  
So Kei and I decided to head back to my place.  I was both relieved and disappointed that our
excursion ended so abruptly, probably more of the latter.   : (

After we got back, Kei and I spent the next 4 or 5 hours trying on different outfits and posing for
pictures.  It was the girls' night of fun and fashion that I had always dreamed of.  Kei went through
her roll of film and I went through 3 rolls of my own (it had over two months since my last photo
session and I love being in pictures).  That's over 100 pics between the two of us and a countless
number of outfits.  We finally finished up around 1 am.  Although I was sad the night was over, it
made me feel so open and happy when I thought about everything I had done and all the fun I had
had that day.  I had spent nearly the entire day as a woman and I felt so liberated and fulfilled to
finally introduce Madeline to the outside world and especially to my dear friend Kei.
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