July 23, 2010:

Vegas, baby!!!  (see the pics here)

I took Madeline on the road this week to Sin City, more commonly
known as Las Vegas, Nevada.  This trip marked two major milestones
in my life.

First, I got to be a girl in a public, very public, place that is
completely straight and at a time of day to encounter peak people
traffic.  Sure I've gone to diners in the Gay-borhood and even in
straight neighborhoods after T-parties.  But that was always during
the wee hours in the morning when anyone still up expects to see the
unexpected.  Don't get me wrong.  It's still a thrill eating in a straight
restaurant while in heels and a wig and having college boys sneak
glances at you at 2 in the morning.  But this was something different.

I got to sit in the middle of a packed casino playing video poker while
wearing a blue silk cocktail dress and full make up.  I'm sure I got
tons of looks and I'm even more sure I got read right away by
probably anyone that caught more than a passing glance, but I don't
care.  It was scary, exhilarating, satisfying, and surreal all at once.  
And I'd like to think I might have made at least one or two straight
boys question themselves even if for just a moment.

I wish I took the opportunity of being in a city far from home to
spend more time as a girl but the truth is Vegas is not as diverse as
people make you believe.  I can honestly say that the only T-girl I
saw on the strip my whole trip was in the mirror.  It's a shame
because so many genetic girls were walking around in formal dresses.
Madeline would have fit right in.  <sigh>

The second major milestone this weekend was that it was the first
time ever that anyone who knew me first as a boy got to see me as a
girl.  I have to admit this was ten times scarier than chilling in the
casino.  My friends did what they could to ready themselves to see the
person they've known for 20 years as a completely different person.  
But neither they nor I could have been fully prepared.

Fortunately, I think things went rather well.  I toned down Madeline
a bit and spoke in my normal voice.  I tried to steer the conversation
as much towards everyday topics.  We met at Flex night club and,
fortunately, there was a drag show going on.  It was a very topical
distraction that helped break the ice a bit.

I just want to take this moment to give a shout out to my friends.  
I'm not sure if you have ever or will ever visit this website.  But if
you do, I want you to know how much it meant to me for you to be so
supportive, not just this night but every day I've ever known you.  
You're the best and I'm the luckiest guy/girl in the world to have
such great friends.  Thank you for enduring your discomfort to
indulge me.  It was such a special evening and was more important to
me than I even understand.

I also visited the famous Las Vegas Lounge before meeting up with
my friends at Flex.  This bar definitely lives up to its reputation of
being mainly a place to pick up tranny hookers.  Many of the girls
there are simply gorgeous but if you're looking for a place to just
relax and connect with other T-girls, this is definitely not the place.  

The "admirers" (a most generous term in this case) outnumbered
the girls about 3 to 2.  On top of that, these guys are aggressive.  If
you're there, expect to not only be hit on all night.  Expect them to
straight up ask you to perform tricks.  I was fortunate enough to sit
next to a very nice guy who was a complete gentleman and kept me
company most of the night.  You're the best, Craig.  Also, the
bartender, Sally, is both lovely and kind.  (I thought she was a
genetic girl most of the night until Craig clued me in otherwise.)  So
it's not all bad, but just know what to expect going in.

Of course, no one is going to force you to do something you don't
want to do.  There is security there and we T-girls always stick up for
our own.  And, like I said, many girls there are simply gorgeous
(although I'd like to think I gave some of them a run for their
money, figuratively speaking of course).  If you don't mind guys
propositioning you all night, then the Lounge might be the place for
you.  There aren't a ton of places in Vegas for T-girls to gather but
check out this resource and decide for yourself.
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