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August 10, 2013:

This will be a short entry.  Just wanted to talk about another milestone I experienced.  As I've stated
multiple times before, while I've grown very comfortable with my look en femme, I'm still super
self-conscious about my voice.  I feel that is always a dead giveaway for me to get read.

On this particular night, I was driving to the Raven party in New Hope.  I was running a bit late and
hadn't eaten all day.  I decided to get something from Arby's, my favorite fast food joint.  Since I was
running late and because I was wearing a fancy dress (be sure to check out the pics, btw), I opted to
go through the drive thru instead of going inside.  I ordered my food and was pleasantly surprised
when the guy said, "Will that be all, ma'am."  This was huge for me since he hadn't seen what I
looked like yet.  So my voice was femme enough to be recognized as a girl's voice.  YAY!!!  I pulled
up to the window, got my food, and was off.  The guy at the window did check me out a bit, but can ya
really blame him. ;P

That experience totally gave me the confidence going forward to go into regular places as Madeline
without fear of speaking.  Now just have to work on speaking louder using my femme voice.

P.S.  In case you're wondering about how using the drive thru saves me any time versus going inside,
I must confess that I was eating and driving at the same time.  I highly recommend against ever
doing that.  It's reckless and stupid and a good way to get yourself or someone else seriously hurt.

P.P.S.  This is the second time I've mentioned Arby's in a diary entry.  I'm not sure if I
subconsciously go there whenever I'm in girl mode or if Arby's is just a magical place where good
things always happen there.  At any rate, I hope someone who works high up at Arby's reads my
entries and decides to start compensating me for all of this free publicity.  Ball's in your court,
Arby's.  I'm thinking a year's supply of curly fries with cheese sauce.