September 1, 2011:

My first time shopping en femme in public

If you looked at this picture set, you read that for the first time, I
went out without a wig and with extensions in my real hair.  One
of the benefits of hair extensions is they feel much more natural.
 I don't have to worry about my wig slipping or my real hair
peeking out from underneath.  The other benefit is that I can
leave it in for an extended period of time.  They are a bit
uncomfortable and takes some getting used to, but the benefits
far outweigh the detriments.

With that in mind, I decided to spend most of the week entirely
in girl mode.  This is something I've always dreamed about doing
and thought that I would only be able to do on vacation in some
t-friendly town.  But since I've been feeling really good about
how I look en femme, I decided it was time to move forward in
my journey towards womanhood.  It also helped that I am not
currently working so I wouldn't run into anyone I know as a boy
while I was Madeline.

As you might have already read, on Tuesday I ventured out to
New Hope.  It is a very gay-friendly town and I was pleased both
with how I was treated and by how I wasn't treated.  Everyone
was either super nice when I interacted with them or didn't pay
any special attention to my when I didn't.  My only complaint is
the very limited shopping prospects there.  I didn't even find
anything I wanted to try on and eventually came home empty

After a couple days, I became restless.  I had spent almost three
whole days as a girl but didn't feel liberated or content about it.  
The New Hope trip was ok and going through the local
drive-thrus for food wasn't satisfying enough.  So on Thursday, I
decide to go somewhere I knew would have decent shopping and
that I heard was safe to go to, namely South Street in center city

Philadelphia is a pretty progressive city and the gay culture is
widely accepted now.  However in Philly, as with the rest of the
world, transgendered people are still on the fringes of society.  
Just as integration for blacks and then gays took time, so too
will our time eventually come.  But for now, it's still pretty scary
for a girl like me to walk around the city.  I went for it anyway
and here's how it went.

For some reason, I wasn't that nervous or scared.  Maybe the
New Hope trip assuaged many of my apprehensions.  Maybe I
was feeling really good about how passable I looked (see pics
below and you decide).  Whatever the reason, I walked around
and shopped with an air of confidence.  I did feel at times that
people might have been looking at me either because they read
me or were trying to determine if I was a tg or gg.  But even that
didn't faze me.  I'm happy to report that I did try on several
items and eventually bought a really cute dress.  It's a purple
satin dress with a knee length bubble skirt.  I super love it and
couldn't be more pleased with my first time shopping en femme
in a straight area.  Yay me.
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Outfit:  Black silk short sleeve blouse with a black cotton tank
underneath, skinny jeans, and flat shoes.  Also, note the hair is my real
hair with extensions.