December 15, 2012:

My princess moments

Nothing especially significant happened today except that I
bought a gown at the mall.  But not just any gown, the most
amazingly gorgeous gown ever.  I was shopping at the Oxford
Valley Mall with my good friend Jone Meyers.  I had always
wanted to go into the Formals XO shop and try on some of their
dresses.  I have went in before but in boy mode so obviously I
never got to try anything on.  Well, this time I was in girl mode.  
I walked around the store for a bit and then I saw this perfect
pink princess party dress hanging there.  I just had to try it on
and hopefully gets some pics of myself in it.

It was hard getting into the gown by myself.  The huge puffy
crinoline and lace skirt was probably as big as me but somehow I
managed.  I walked out and the lady working there helped me
cinch up the corset back.  She finally finished and I turned
around and saw myself in the dress for the first time.  Needless
to say I nearly fell over in shock.  I never really believed in love
at first sight but I LOOOOOVED this gown in an instant.  Not
only was it so feminine and beautiful, but it fit me flawlessly.  It
expertly contoured to my torso and showed off my thin waist and
modest (and fake) breasts before exploding into a gorgeous
flowing skirt.

Now, to be clear, my intentions were to just try on a dress or
two, take some pics, and definitely NOT buy anything because
everything there was a few hundred dollars.  But after seeing
myself in this dress, I probably would have paid anything they
asked to own it.  When the lady said she would drop a hundred
dollars off the price...well, let's just say it was the easiest sale
she'll ever make.

So that's about it.  I've gone shopping at the mall in girl mode a
several times now.  I've tried on girl clothes in stores before.  
And I've bought girl clothes en femme before.  But the
combination of doing it and getting this incredible gown  was
something that made me so happy I just had to write about it.  
It's not the most expensive dress I've ever bought (that would be
a wedding gown or two that I own) but it's definitely up there.  
Take a look at the
pics and let me know if it was worth it and if I
made the right decision to buy it.
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