Where do you live?
I live in the suburbs just outside of Philadelphia, PA.  I own my own house and my sister lives with me part time.  
No, she doesn't know about Madeline and, yes, that does make dressing up much more complicated.

What do you do for a living?
I don't really like saying because I'm still afraid of getting discovered.  Let's just say I am in the business field and my
job is boring as hell but I'm well paid for it.

Are you thinking about transitioning?
Not really.  That's not to say I never will but, like I mentioned earlier, I like being a boy 95% of my life.  I think I can
have the best of both worlds without sacrificing either.  I've been told that later in life my feminine urges will
intensify.  I guess I'll cross that bridge if and when I get to it.

What kind of outfits do you like wearing?
Ok, to be honest, no one has really ever asked this, but I enjoy telling people.  I love formal wear.  Give me a cocktail
dress, a prom dress, an evening gown, or (the ultimate) a bridal gown and I'm in heaven.  I've been trying recently to
expand my wardrobe to include more casual clothes so I can go out in public without drawing undue attention.  So
I'll say I like any outfit where I can show off my killer legs.

What kind of guys are you into?
I know I said I'm not attracted to men, but I haven't completely ruled out the possibility.  But I do have pretty high
standards.  So read carefully before asking me out.  These are the bare minimum requirements for any guy I'd date.

1.  Be close to my age.  That means if you're born in the '70s, you're in luck.  I apologize to the older gentlemen out
there.  I'm sure many of you are great but it's nothing personal.  Just my preference.

Be fit.  Sorry if this is superficial of me, but I work hard to keep a lean body.  If you want a chance to be with
me, you should be willing to also.  But really, don't just do it for me.  Do it for yourself.  It's not really that difficult.  
Just watch what you eat and exercise two or three times a week.  You'll live longer and feel better.  I don't want a
guy with bulging muscles who looks like a 'roid raging freak.  I just want someone not overweight.  Is that too much
to ask?  Aren't I worth it?

Be tall.  Again, superficial.  But I don't feel as feminine if I'm taller than the guy I'm dating.

Be a gentleman.  Remember, just because I have some of the same parts as you, that doesn't mean all I want is
sex, sex, sex.  Treat me like a lady.  Be kind and considerate.  Shower me with compliments.  If you do these things,
don't worry.  I probably won't be able to keep my hands off of you.

Speak English.  I get a lot of foreign men asking me out.  First of all, I'm not latino and I don't speak any
Spanish.  Secondly, I'm big on communication and conversation.  So if you speak broken English, that's a major
turn-off.  It also prevents you from meeting my next requirement.

Have a good sense of humor.  I have a great sense of humor and I love to laugh and make others laugh.  I love
someone who is comfortable enough about themselves to be self-deprecating at times.  I hate pretentiousness and
massive egos.  But if you can make me laugh, I'll melt in your arms.
Ok, now that we're done with the two questions on most horny guys' minds, let's
answer some more general questions.  You horny guys can go back to the
section and do whatever it is you normally do when looking at pics of pretty girls.  Just
be sure to clean up after yourself.

How tall are you?
I'm 5'7" without heels.  I love to wear heels, usually 4" ones, so I'm pretty tall as far as
girls go.

What ethnicity are you?
For some reason, a lot of people think I'm latino.  I am in fact 100% Chinese, born in
Hong Kong but grew up in the States.  I speak Cantonese but my English is much

Have you been out in public?
I've been to t-parties many times, as you can see in my Out and About pics.  I've never
really been to any non-t-friendly places as Madeline (not counting the Gayborhood of
Philadelphia) but that is one of my goals.  Will probably do it soon.  When that
happens, I'll be sure to write about it in the
diary section.

Are you full time?  Are you on hormones?
I'm flattered that you think I am passable enough to even ask these questions but the
answer is no on both counts.  I dress once or twice a month if I'm lucky.  I don't want
to get on hormones because I like being a boy 95% of my life.  If I could achieve
greater femininity without sacrificing my male qualities, I'd be all for that.
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Instead of a bio, I've decided to answer some frequently asked questions.  This is
because I recently came out to some of my friends.  So if they happen by this site, I
want to answer some questions I'm sure they have right off the bat.  If there are any
other questions you have that aren't addressed below, please e-mail me and I'll do my
best to answer them.

Are you into guys?
Let's cut right to the chase.  As you'd expect, this is the first question most guys ask me
after "How are you doing."  It's also to the most frequently asked question of me.  If
you're looking at my site, most likely you're also looking for a date, a t-girlfriend, a wife,
a lover, a one-night stand, or any or all of the above.  The truth is I'm not sure what the
answer to this question is.  I'm really not attracted to men, only women and t-girls.  But
don't dispair, boys.  That doesn't mean you're completely SOL.  The reason I'm not
entirely sure is because I do often think about sex with a man.  But I would only do it
when I'm Madeline which, sadly, is not often at all.  Many t-girls I've spoken with also
feel this way.  I think it just has to do with completing the transformation into being a
woman more so than the pleasure of act itself.  So, of course, that leads us to the next

Have you ever been with a guy?
No, I've never been with a guy.  I've been to first base with guys, and some rude jerks
have tried to steal second and third base.  But I've never had sex with a guy.  I've fooled
around with other t-girls but have never had sex with any of them either.  So I may not
even like sex as girl.  But I'd like to find out one way or another.