These are some pics taken from the times I've been out as
Madeline with just a few of the many wonderful people
I've met.  Hopefully, this page will keep expanding.
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February 21, 2004:  Birthday party for Alexis Tegirl (not pictured, oddly enough)
April 9, 2005:  Before Angela's Laptop Lounge moved to Shangri La, it began in
a restaurant in the city called L2 (hence the website address).  I was there when
it all began.  This is really my first time in a public place as Madeline.  I was a
little over-dressed but to me, every night should be prom night.
August 12, 2005:  Night At the Barbary party thrown by Aly Sinclair.  I came in
second place in the beauty contest that night behind the lovely Jocelyn from
me and Aly Sinclair
me and Jocelyn
me and Jocelyn
Kalina, Tami, Triana, me, and Kei
Kei and me
July 15, 2006:  This is the first time I went to Angela's Laptop Lounge party
since it moved to Shangri La.
Lisa Stevenson and me
October 20, 2007:  Halloween party at Angela's Laptop Lounge.  Couldn't miss
that!  Like my costume?
there I am way in back
June 21, 2008:  At Angela's Laptop Lounge.
Out and About in 2009
October 29, 2007:  Halloween party at Kalina's Monday Night T-Girl Party.
Me as Belle from Beauty and
the Beast with Allison as
Snow White.  We had a
whole Disney thing going.
January 8, 2007:  This is the first time I to Kalina's Monday Night T-girl party.  
She was kind enough to award me a best dressed award for the night.  Even
offered to give me her pixie wings but unfortunately I declined (what the heck
was I thinking).  There's only one pic because I was still a bit picture shy back
then.  How far I've come since.