2009 is the year I resolved to go out more often as
Madeline.  Looks like I'm keeping this resolution pretty
well so far.
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May 23, 2009:  At Angela's Laptop Lounge again.  This is becoming a habit.
June 6, 2009:  At Angela's Laptop Lounge.  Bottom three pics taken by Lynn
Amanda Reina.  Isn't she talented?  
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Lynn, Danielle, and me
July 20, 2009:  Kalina's weekly Monday Night T-Girl party.  The theme of the
night was naughty school girl or domineering teachers.  I intended to go as the
former but, because of my overactive sense of style, I looked more like a
teacher.  Either, I think I looked pretty fab.
I didn't take any pics beforehand because I was already late and didn't take any
pics afterwards because I hung out with some of the other girls in the city after
the party and didn't get home until 3 am (and I had work in a few hours).  I
wasn't in time for the photos that Kalina usually takes but my friend Karol took
the pics below.  These were shot at the end of an awesome night of partying and
girls night out on the town.  And yes, that is my whip I'm modeling on.
August 1, 2009:  At the laptop lounge again.  Met some new girls who are totally
sweet and awesome.  Also met the cutest, most fun bartender in the city.  Can't
wait to go again soon.  
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Self overhead shot
With my new friend Melina
Group photos
With Danielle, the bartender.  Didn't I tell you she was a cutie.
Rachel and me
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