I had an incident at a party recently where a the night was almost ruined by a guy that didn't know
how to take "no" for an answer.  That has compelled me to get on my soapbox and lay a little
knowledge down on you all.

Why is it that some men take incredible liberties with t-girls that I can't imagine they would ever
even consider with a genetic girl? Just because we have some of the same equipment as you boys,
that doesn't mean we think just like you.  The main rule you should always remember is:
.  We do think about sex, maybe even as much as you.  But we are not
going to go down on the first cock that happens by just because you offer it to us.  While we do
sometimes like to dress provocatively, that doesn't make us sluts.  We admire the female form and
want to emulate it, maybe even exaggerate it.  And we do want you to be attracted to us.  There's
nothing I would find more flattering than for you to see me and imagine all the naughty things you'd
like to do with me.  But there's a proper way to go about it.  Below are some Do's and Don't's to
help you out in case you have absolutely no clue how to treat a t-girl or any girl for that matter.

DO offer to buy us a drink.  It's a great way to introduce yourself.  Plus, you pretty much have a
captive audience until at least the drink arrives.

DON'T start your conversation with an offer for sex.  I would think this is obvious and no
explanation necessary.  But in case you need one, here it is.  We don't like to be treated like sex

DO tell us we are attractive.  What girl doesn't love to hear that?  I personally can't hear that too

DON'T tell us you are falling in love with us.  This one may just be a personal pet peeve of mine.  I
can't stand it when people throw around the "L" word (not "Lesbian", silly).  That word loses its
meaning and impact the more it's overused.  And there's a big difference between wanting to get it
on with someone attractive you just met and being in love.  Think of it like a battery, the more you
use it, the less power it will have left in it.

DO look for signs from us that we are interested.  T-girls are just like regular girls and when we
are interested, subtle signs should read loud and clear to guys paying attention i.e. touching your
arm and playing with our hair while we talk.

DON'T continue to pursue after you're given a clear Stop signal, i.e. "I'm not interested in men" or
"I'm currently already seeing someone" or "I'm in the closet and am not ready to date men yet" or
"Sorry, I'm very flattered but just not interested."  Most times those statements are actually the
truth, but sometimes it's just a gentle way of us letting you down because we're not attracted to
you.  Either way, "no" means "no."

DO give us a kiss at the end of the evening.  Of course, this depends on the situation.  If we've
been talking a lot all night and you feel a connection, by all means go for it.  Worse case scenario,
we pull back and then you'll know one way or another how we feel.  It may be a little embarrassing
for you if that happens, but the potential reward is definitely worth the risk.

DON'T try to stick your tongue down our throats.  Unless you are a super hot guy or a gazillionaire
or both, this is probably a bit too much for a first kiss.  Save the hot and heavy stuff for later if you
play your cards right.

DO ask for our number or email, or you can give us yours.  You can even be so bold as to ask for
a date right there and then, but know that you'll probably be turned down.  Take your time.  We
like to be pursued.  And we are definitely worth the effort and patience.

DON'T try to grab our privates.  Unless you are concerned we may be suffering from a hernia, do
not grab our downstairs parts.  If you try, and we guide your hand away, then take a freaking hint.  
We don't want your hands down there.  Believe me, if we did want it, you would know.  In fact,
we'll make it blatantly obvious.  And if that does happen, go somewhere private.  Otherwise, keep it
PG-13 with your hands while we kiss.  I mean, my goodness, would you do that to a genetic girl in
the middle of a club?

DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, REPEAT, DO NOT try to put our hands on your
cock.  Just don't do it.  No exceptions.  If things are going well, we'll find it on our own.  Believe
me, we'll have absolutely no trouble locating it.  We've had a lifetime working with a similar model
and are quite familiar with it.

Please remember these rules the next time you're at a party with girls, whether genetic or trans.  
They won't necessarily guarantee you a night of hot sex, but they will at least prevent you from
coming off looking like a complete sleazebag which, in case you weren't sure, we do not find
attractive.  But shower us with kindness, respect, and, of course, compliments and you may well
be on your way to getting the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
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